We Got A Roll-Uh-Bowl (And You Should Too!)


Our friends over at Roll-Uh-Bowl sent us one of their very cool indestructible, foldable, portable, silicone water pipes to try out, and our opinion is that you need one in your life right now.
Their slogan is “Smoky bubbles.  Anywhere.” and it could not be more true.

This device is perfect for literally anybody, but none more so than the outdoor adventurer.  According to the Roll-Uh-Bowl website, “Whether you’re a climber, biker, kayaker, skier or just enjoy being on the go, Roll-uh-Bowl is the perfect companion for your active lifestyle.  When you’re not using your Roll-uh-Bowl, the bowl and down stem are securely stored inside the folded unit ensuring safe keeping until you’re ready to rock.”

You can literally roll up your bong and stick it in your pocket, only to take it back out whenever you’re, let’s say in the middle of a river on a raft, on a cliff overlooking a forest, or hanging from a rope anchored to a mountain.  Or, for those of you less interested in extreme adventure, sitting beside a campfire.

You could take your glass pieces on these adventures with you but they aren’t as convenient or compact as the Roll-Uh-Bowl.  Not to mention, glass breaks.  Even if you drop your Roll-Uh-Bowl off the side of the mountain you’re hanging off of, it will not break.  You can just go down, find it, and take a nice big hit of relief.  It is literally indestructible.  Roll-Uh-Bowl is also perfect for parties and concerts.  It safely and discreetly fits in your pocket.

And, in case you were wondering who came up with this great idea (we were), “Roll-uh-Bowl was created by Charlie McKay, a 30 year old Montana native and outdoor adventure enthusiast.  His outdoor lifestyle dictated a need for an all-around useful pipe that he could take anywhere. He needed something light weight and unbreakable that wouldn’t take up a lot of room in his pack or gear pockets, but could still deliver like he needed it to, and so the Roll-uh-Bowl was born.”

What Roll-uh-Bowl is all about

Roll-Uh-Bowl is made in the USA from Certified Class VI FDA Medical Grade Silicone, so there are absolutely no toxins present.  AND IT’S EVEN DISHWASHER SAFE!  That’s right, you can put your Roll-Uh-Bowl in with your dishes to clean it.  Or, if you prefer to do it by hand, simple soap and water will do.

Shipping is not only free, but also discreet.  And it ships the same day as ordered!  It comes in 5 colors:  Blue, black, green, purple, and orange.  Roll-Uh-Bowl is also INCREDIBLY reasonably priced considering you’re getting a piece that will never break or be unable to be cleaned.  You can get your own Roll-Uh-Bowl here for $35.

All in all, the Roll-Uh-Bowl is badass.  Whether you’re an outdoor person, a party girl rock star, just kind of clumsy, or simply like to get high as fuck, it’s a necessity.


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