Stoned Sex Toy Review: The Leaf


Because my job is utterly amazing and infinitely better than any other job on the planet, I got to take a field trip the other day to a store local to Charlotte, North Carolina (where we are headquartered) called The Red Door.   Now, this is not my first trip to The Red Door, but it is my first time going in there for professional reasons. I chatted with my new pal and assistant manager, Liza, for close to two hours about the products they offered that were best used while high. Also, Liza is something of an expert about stoned sex, and for that I love her. She welcomed me with open arms and gave me all kinds of guidance to pass along to anyone looking to get busy after a good smoke session.

The Red Door

The Red Door has three locations in the Charlotte area and are all locally owned and operated. Don’t worry if you see something you like but don’t live in the great southeast. Everything can be ordered through their online store. I learned a lot of things while at The Red Door for my couple hour field trip, but one thing I noticed more than anything else was the fabulous Ms. Liza’s overwhelming friendliness and comfort with the subject.

In fact, in the few hours I was there with her, several people walked into the shop and she politely excused herself to go help them and do her best to make them feel comfortable and unashamed about their sexual needs and wants. I took these few opportunities to feverishly text my boss to see how many vibrators we could expense.   Anyway, here is part one of the best products in particular that Liza said were the most pleasurable for women to use while they’re blazed.

Yea, It’s A Leaf


“Seriously, how adorable are they?”

For those of you (us) who realize that this planet is not just ours, but home to many future generations of enlightened and beautiful humans, the leaf is for you.  It’s a fucking vibrator named after a  plant, what more could you want while you were high? The leaf comes in   a few different designs, so whether  you are looking for external clitoral stimulation or internal pulsating vibration there is a leaf out there for you.

The leaf isn’t just for you, though. If you want  to be selfish with it, that’s ok. I understand. Liza  pointed out though that the leaf is perfect for couples play as well,   in particular “the bloom” model. The looks like a leaf  bud on a really long stem, which makes it easy to use for clitoral stimulation during intercourse  without a hand being in the way. Also, because you are holding on to   the stem of “the bloom,” it won’t get lost between the sheets like a bullet would.

So What Makes It Environmentally Friendly?

I’m glad you asked. Well, for one it’s rechargeable. That’s right, you plug your leaf into your wall. A lot of rechargeable vibrators can get “overcharged,” which means that you have to be mindful of how long you plug them in for, which we all know can be difficult if you are stoned. The leaf doesn’t have this problem, so if you get high and forget whether it has been charging for 1 hour or 3 hours, it’s not a problem. Also, the box is made of recycled materials and the metal inside the leaf is environmentally friendly as well. No longer will you be distracted by ecological needs as your trying to get intimate with yourself.

While the leaf is on the pricier side of the spectrum (I got mine for $112), it’s worth every penny. If you like straight vibration, it’s got three different speeds of pleasure. If you like more of a pulsating, teasing rhythm, that is not a problem either. I know a lot of us out there who smoke weed also care about the environment, and although it sounds silly, it is nice to know that down to even my sex toys I have the peace of mind in knowing I am doing my part to make sure this planet is taken care of.

To check out the leaf, or any anything else you might like, go to

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