Stoned Sex Toy Review: Slimline G


Try this bad boy out after a weed session

Pack Some Weed for This One

For those of you that haven’t read part one of my three part series “The Best Toys To Use While High,” here is a recap: My job is better than yours and I got to go meet a very fabulous lady at a sex shop. There she imparted all of her stoned sexual knowledge on yours truly. Anyway, it was amazing and what was going to be one simple and fun article has now turned into a three part series making sure all you ladies and gents out there have the best possible stoned sex, whether it be with yourself or in pairs.

Life Changes

About three years ago, I was sitting on the couch at my best friend’s apartment getting high with her, her male best friend, and a cousin of his. We had been given a DVD called “Life Changes” by a friend of ours. “Life Changes” is an instructional and educational DVD on how to female ejaculate. My best friend and I had been trying for years to achieve this will no success, so when another mutual friend offered up this video, we figured “What the hell?” We were a little frightened for the woman for a few hours after, but we learned a lot. Unfortunately, we still have yet to achieve the unicorn of female sexuality.

What does this have to do with my experience at The Red Door? Everything. My new best friend Liza introduced me to something 100 times better than “Life Changes.”

Slimline G

weedThe Slimline G was the second toy that Liza introduced me to.

It looks somewhat similar to Bob Barker’s microphone on The Price Is Right. Speaking of price, this product is actually very reasonably priced at $18.99. That is $2.50 per inch or I like to call “one hell of a deal.”

This toy is perfect for the solo stoned lady because it takes a little time and exploration to make sure it’s working correctly. Also, women are much more sensitive when they are high as there is increased blood flow to certain areas of the body, so if exploring your g spot is something you’ve always wanted to try, but have never been successful with, getting stoned with the Slimline G is a perfect way to spend your lazy Sunday. According to my stoned sex guru, if you are looking to squirt, this is your new best friend. She said that no one has ever complained that it didn’t work.

How Does It Work?

The actual “microphone” part of the Slimline G is what stimulates a woman’s g spot. When you are good and ready for penetration, slide your new best pal inside with the tip facing forward. You may want to use a bit of extra pressure when trying to find your sensitive spot, which is two to three inches in. Once you hit it, you’ll know. It will engorge itself with blood flow and you’ll be seeing stars in no time. It has a few different speed settings, so if you’re nervous starting slow is not a problem.

The Slimline G is the perfect toy for those highs where you are feeling adventurous and sexy. Also, smoking before you use it will relax your body and make you more receptive to exploring unfamiliar areas. Finding your g spot takes time and effort, which is why this is a good toy to try on weekends or at night when you get home from work. You can’t just lay back and let it do all the work for you, though, so if you’re feeling sleepy, part three may be more your style.

To check out the Slimline G, or any anything else you might like, go to

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