Ask A Stoned Girl: Exploring Your Sexual Boundaries And Not Wanting To Share


Should I try anal while I’m high?


Here are my tips to make sure your first anal experience is everything you ever wanted:

First, you need to relax, so get really high and comfortable. Also, make sure you have plenty of water-based lubricant available so as not to hurt yourself. Before you go full dick-to-ass, test the waters with a finger. When that slips in comfortably, move on to a toy designed for anal play. We recommend butt plugs by Vamps Amos. They come in various sizes, textures, and colors so there’s no problem finding something you like. Now you’re ready for full blown cock. It is important to go slow, take your time, and most importantly have fun.

What do I do if he was terrible and I don’t want to share my weed with him?

We’ve all been there. You get stoned, you get busy, and then you get disappointed. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s bad, it just means you two aren’t sexually compatible. But that doesn’t change the fact that you want him out of your bed and your house so fast it will make his head spin. Then you can get high and forget that you ever shared your vagina with him.

If he was nice to you, and he tried but just couldn’t make it happen, reconsider his feelings. Don’t let him stay if you don’t want him to, but do at least give him that post-coital bowl because he earned it even if he didn’t really earn it. Then politely say that you have to work early in the morning and tell him you’ll call him when you’re free. If he wasn’t really a perfect gentleman all night and thinks he was way more satisfactory than he was, kick him the fuck out. Impolitely say that he needs to leave and if you’re feeling frisky call someone else over who you know can get the job done. And don’t share shit with him because he’s a douche, and we don’t condone that kind of behavior.

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