Bethenny Frankel’s Skinnygirl Strain Under Attack


Recently, we at Stoned Girls had the pleasure of interviewing Charlo Greene, the former Alaskan reporter famous for quitting on air in order to dedicate herself fully to her cannabis club.  Ms. Greene talked to us about her new dispensary opening, where she was the first time she got high, and how she felt when marijuana was legalized in Alaska.  However, it was her comments about another burgeoning marijuana businesswoman that got our attention.

We are all familiar with the rumor that Bethenny Frankel may be coming out with a “Skinnygirl” strain of weed.  During our interview with Charlo, we asked how she felt about the savvy Skinnygirl businesswoman branching out into bud.  While admittedly she usually roots for the marketing powerhouse that is Ms. Frankel, she’s not too keen on her joining the good-fight team.  In fact, Charlo said that Frankel “approached the industry in a terrible fashion.”

Whoa.  Why would Charlo say such mean things about someone trying to be her stoner sister?

During Bethenny’s short-lived talk show days, she hosted marijuana advocate Tony Fox on her show.  During this particular episode, Charlo suggests that Bethenny acted inappropriately toward both Ms. Fox, as well as the entire cannabis community.  “I know Tony Fox, she’s one of my mentors, and the fact that she brought up this woman who is celebrated in the business community, like just aside from the cannabis industry, but she is celebrated for making these incredible moves in the business industry, and she’s being brought up, and I don’t even know what I would call it.  Ridiculed?  I don’t even know what it was, but Bethenny should be ashamed of what she did to a fellow businesswoman.  For what?  For ratings?”  Charlo said.  “And then, she’s going to turn around and say she wants to get in here and cash checks off the back of women like the ones she brought on her show to humiliate.  I don’t support that one bit.”

Because we are dedicated and talented journalists here at Stoned Girls, we scoured the Internet to find the show that Charlo was referring to, and it took a while to find the specific segments.  Once we did finally come across them, we noticed a few things.  First, it seems that it was Frankel’s audience that did most of the attacking, not so much Frankel herself.  However, she did stand up in the audience section rather than sitting on stage with her guests, which, to us at least, psychologically aligned herself with their thoughts and beliefs.

Bethenny and her legion of doom.

Bethenny and her legion of doom.

We also had to ask ourselves, “What does Frankel’s army of dank disapproval have to say about her new business venture?”

While we don’t know what her loyal fans have in mind (Yet!  We’re dedicated and talented journalists, remember?), Charlo had this to say about the actual plan for the munchies-less weed:  “I think the fact that she thinks that she can just up and create a munchie-free strain shows her ignorance.  Period.  That’s it… It’s totally a PR thing.  Of course it’s a PR thing.  Munchie-free weed?  But it’s like, what compounds are you targeting?  What strains are you breeding?  Which we know takes so…. I mean the idea, in itself, for anyone who knows anything about weed, it’s a publicity stunt, nothing more.”

And, there you have it.  Charlo is basically shaking her head at what she considers the shameful and ignorant Bethenny Frankel and saying, “Bitch, are you high?!”

This is Charlo’s Bitch, Are You High?! face.

This is Charlo’s Bitch, Are You High?! face.

Bethenny Frankel has declined to comment about this matter.

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