It Would Be Smart To Check Out The Genius Pipe

Genius Pipe

When it comes to smoking your prefered bud, the options for smoking today can be a bit daunting.  You’ve got the choice between water bongs, bowls, bubblers, vaporizers, joints, blunts, one hitters, a modified Sprite can that you found in the recycling bin you would use in a pinch and a slew of options that we cannot even think of off the top of our head are available to use.  Yet nobody is thinking ease of use when it comes to smoking devices, except for the team over at Genius Pipe.

The Genius Pipe looks like an extremely simple, solid metal build pipe that guarantees an extremely smooth hit every time.  The pipe feels solid, yet light in your hand and can fit in your back pocket without discomfort.  It is so sleek and forward thinking in it’s design it feels like you are taking a hit into the future.  Great Scott!

The pipe is a sleek, three piece design that is held together by a set of strong magnets.  The magnets insure a snug fit that will hold up as long as you own the pipe, which also makes it extremely easy to clean on the go.  The cover keeps your pipe from losing your bud in the wind and makes smell less noticeable.  The metal finish will also aid in cleaning off any tough, sticky residue with alcohol and will not do damage to the finish.

The technology behind the smooth pull is the golf ball-style dimple technology that cools the smoke and eliminates the lung/throat burning that those of us who smoke a ton of weed have grown to expect.  These dimples “allow the smoker to breathe in smoke naturally, completely irritation free, fully filling lungs with cooled smoke.”  The dimples also capture tar, so the smoke inhaled is cleaner. So be cautioned, even experienced smokers will be fooled to how much smoke they are inhaling and will have their buzz hit them like the first foul ball on opening day.

The makers of Genius Pipe say that it is “the result of over 20 years of intensive research by our founders in the field of Fluid Dynamics.”  Just by picking up the Genius Pipe, it is clear that it is a very well manufactured product.  You can get a Genius Pipe in several finishes, colors, and even limited edition photos, so this pipe can be a statement piece much like a well crafted artisan glass bowl, but still has the dependability and durability of metal.
With the price range of $100 to $150, this is no $3 smoke shop one hitter, but an investment in one of the smartest pipes you can own.  It would be genius to check them out at to see the full line of colors and designs.  And, if you use the promo code STONEDGIRLS, you will receive 25% any pipe in any collection!