Cannabox Review: Up In Smoke


For the month of May, Cannabox brings us probably the most iconic set yet to date with the legendary Cheech and Chong’s “Up in Smoke” themed box which will make YOU even question if Dave is here or not.  Everybody knows that Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong have been advocates for cannabis culture for decades and the Cheech and Chong brand has expanded with every year, it shows in this new Cannabox.

(So from here on out, just imagine the rest of this review in either Cheech or Chong’s voice)  
This box is packing some serious stuff man, with like a Futurola joint tube packed with a Tommy Chong signature cone ready for the green. It’s perfect for when you are on the go and want to impress your 420 honey with a nice, neat, well made J.  

We also got, like uh, a really cool shredder card by V Syndicate which actually says “Dave’s not here man”, also the sleeve that it comes in has, like, the scene from the actual movie man if you’re not in the know about what we are talking about when we say that.

We also got a C&C oil lighter good for when you are crusin’ on the sidewalk in your lowrider and trying to light that quarter pounder with the windows down.  Also, in that box we got a Fisherman’s Friend pipe, a real solid piece man, made of wood and metal that folds into itself like a pretzel with a built in storage hole perfect for round two man.  We could easily imagine Tommy or Cheech carrying one in their pockets at all times.  

Speaking of clothes, our favorite hit in the box is a pair of comfy socks with C&C pot leaves stitched all over. Dudes and Dudettes can wear them both which is totally far out.  We got lucky, we got the green pair man!  

Dude, all this talking has given me the munchies, good thing the box is rounded off with tin of coco flavored mustaches candies, shaped just like Cheech’s handle bars.  You can learn more about this month’s box and other past boxes at, hurry because at the end of this month this box will truly be up in smoke.