Smokebuddy Proves To Be A Pothead’s Best Friend


Gone are the days of dryer sheets and toilet paper rolls!  Thanks to the guys over at Smokebuddy, you never need to hide in the bathroom or under your dorm bed afraid of attracting unwanted attention due to pesky weed smell ever again.

Smokebuddy has been around since 2008, so if you haven’t heard of them, shame on you!  They provide high quality air filters that will literally fit in your pocket.  All you do is exhale your smoke into the mouthpiece of the filter, and let your Smokebuddy do the rest.  Literally no smell or smoke will come out the other end.

They offer a couple of different sizes of filters, ranging from a Smokebuddy junior (think a one hitter outside of work) to a Smokebuddy MEGA (think Snoop Dogg bong rips).

We know what you’re thinking:  “Ok, sounds cool, but how much am I paying to be able to LITERALLY SMOKE ANYWHERE I WANT UNDETECTED?”  The answer would be way less than you would expect.  You can own your own smoke buddy for as little as $10.  If you want something a little bigger and more impressive, you are only looking at roughly $30.

That’s a pretty good investment if you ask us.  But don’t just ask us.  Here’s what other people had to say about the smoke buddy.

“I needed something to mask the smell of smoking in my apartment. As soon as I opened the box I tried it out. No matter the amount of smoke exhaled into the Smokebuddy, there is no smell. Now my roommate can stop complaining.” – Tony

“Excellent customer service, and mind blowing product! Have been a Smokebuddy buddy for years and I’ll never go back!” – Stacy

“Works good as hell, would highly recommend. Cheap and effective.” – Ross

You can buy your Smokebuddy and accessories here!

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