Snoop Dogg Poised To Become Cannabis Media Mogul

Image Credit: VaporPlants

Image Credit: VaporPlants

The name Snoop Dogg may conjure many images, but venture capitalism likely isn’t one of them. That’s why many fans of the hip hop artist and designer of the Snoop Dogg vaporizer collection for G Pens are surprised to learn that Snoop Dogg has his own venture capitalism firm. Read on to learn more about Snoop’s latest venture–an up and coming media company dedicated to marijuana.

Meet Merry Jane

Many celebrities today are affiliated with media companies that cater to specific niches, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Blake Lively. Now, Snoop Dogg’s name is linked with such a site–Merry Jane. Recently, Snoop announced that he’s become an investor in the company, which is committed to helping to make marijuana more mainstream. On the website, users will be able to find information about cannabis use and marijuana products like herbal vaporizer units. The site will also include a search tool to help people locate legal marijuana dispensaries and vape shops in their area. Revenue will be generated primarily through advertising.

Snoop’s Other Ventures

In interviews, Snoop Dogg has explained that when he’s looking for companies to invest in, he tends to choose ones that are in line with his interests. He seeks out ventures that he finds exciting and interesting, not just those that are likely to bring in large amounts of revenue. Previously, he bought into a gourmet coffee company called Philz Coffee and a stock trading app called Robinhood. He also recently invested in Eaze, a company that provides marijuana delivery services in California’s Bay Area and plans to soon expand throughout California and in other places where cannabis is legal for medicinal or recreational use.

Snoop and Cannabis Culture

For Snoop Dogg, investing in companies like Eaze and Merry Jane is about more than just making money. The hip hop artist has dedicated his life to speaking out in favor of legalization. He has been quoted many times as saying he will continue to work to breakdown the stereotypes and misconceptions in regards to smoking marijuana and using products like vaporizer pen units until people everywhere can use cannabis legally.

By funding businesses that can generate real profits, Snoop Dogg is helping to prove that the marijuana industry is a legitimate one and is encouraging other investors to consider cannabis-related investments. Transforming cannabis culture into a viable industry is likely to support legalization movements by bringing the voice of powerful investors together with grassroots organizers who favor the end of marijuana prohibition.

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