Snoop Dogg Invests In Weed Delivery Business

snoop weed

Snoop Dogg cares about your weed.  In fact, he cares so much about your weed that he is now investing in a business that will bring weed directly to your doorstep.  Snoop’s venture capital firm, Casa Verde Capital, is among a group of people investing ten million dollars in what many are calling the Uber of weed.

The company is called Eaze, and it is a marijuana delivery service out of California.  The most impressive thing about Eaze, however, is that they have reportedly figured out an algorithm that will allow them to deliver weed in 15 minutes or less.  Stoners haven’t been this excited since Dominos made the same promise oh-so-many years ago.  We can only imagine the anticipatory excitement of ordering both your weed and your pizza at the same time, and then playing the game of betting on who will arrive first.

Although Eaze is getting a lot of press as of late due to its famous investor, it has actually been up and running since July – and has made 30,000 deliveries to date!

While Eaze is currently only operating in the California area, they have plans to grow to states like Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Colorado, and Oregon.  Eaze founder, Kevin McCarthy, said “The plan is to be in every market as quickly as possible that allows for medical marijuana and even recreational use of marijuana.”

Much like Snoop Dogg, we support you, Eaze!  We can’t wait to see you all over the country!

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