Man Arrested After Police Find Stash Jar Labeled “Not Weed”


There are a lot of products out there nowadays that allow for the discreet and appropriate storage of your weed.

For instance, the people at 420 Stash Jars make a variety of uniquely decorated glass stash jars that start at $10.  You can even buy unique handcrafted jars on Etsy.


Duct tape seems to be a common medium on Etsy.


Anyway, the abundance and relative availability of these things are the reason why we are asking a Nebraska man “Bitch, are you high?!”  Jordan Meier, a 21-year-old Lincoln native, was arrested this past weekend after being pulled over by the police for a traffic violation.  During the arrest, the police noticed a Land O’Lakes sour cream container with the words “Not Weed” written on the top in sharpie in Meier’s car.weed

As luck would have it, there was about 11.4 grams of weed in the misleading sour cream package.  Meier had this to say about his ridiculously bad choice:  “I don’t know… I thought I was being funny.  Inside joke with myself, I supposed.  Never thinking it would get confiscated.”

Well, Jordan, looks like now you have an unfortunate inside joke with the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Department.  We hope you got a good laugh, because all we can say is “Bitch, are you high?!”

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