18 Stereotypes People Who Smoke Weed Are Tired Of

Image Credit: Mic

Image Credit: Mic

Let’s face it, the stoner community has a bad rep when it comes to stereotypes.  From our lack of work ethic to our relentless giggles, we are known as the free loaders of this world. Often portrayed as lazy hippies, skaters, and rastas, the stoner community is actually a melting pot filled with professional diversity.  Here are 18 stereotypes we would like to debunk:


1.  Stoners are lazy

joe rogsJoe Rogan loves weed and he could beat all our asses.


2.  And fat

donald gloverSee above.


3.  All of our friends are sketchy

Broad City Hello New FriendJust some of our friends are sketchy.


4.  We’re all dumb

carl saganYou’re right, astronomy isn’t that impressive.


5.  Our wardrobe consists of hemp and tie-dye

hemp tie dyheOr both!


6.  We’re all paranoid conspiracy theorists



7.  Stoners all smell like patchouli oil



8.  We don’t bathe

bong bath


9.  We don’t have jobs

annoying-waitress-oThe service industry literally would not exist without weed.

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