15 Hilarious Stoned GIFs You Need To See

In honor of Steve Wilhite, the creator of the Graphics Interchange Format, or GIF, formally addressing the argument of whether the acronym is pronounced “g-i-f” or “j-i-f”, get the weed because here are the top 15 stoner gifs. 

15.  Bitch better have my honey

bitch better have my honeyRelevant to absolutely nothing, this gif is still hilarious!


14.  They are just saying what we’re all thinking…

Pineapple Express Super Duper High


13.  Ilana having a revelation

Broad City Ilana Weed Smoke


12.  This dance

weed smoke dance


11.  Literally living the dream

Half Baked Dancing In Joints


10.  Cameron Diaz being the coolest Stoned Girl



9.  Ted keeping it real

ted gif 3


8.  Family Guy explaining the secret to a happy life

Family Guy Bag Of Weed


7.  Adam DeMamp being kind of a badass

Workaholics Strap Me In


6.  Kickin’ it old school with The Simpsons

Simpsons gif


5.  Kumar dancing with a giant bag of weed

kumar weed danceJust imagine it holding you in it’s arms at night…


4.  Randy doing what we all stop ourselves from doing in a dispensary

randy sp gif


3.  Some wise words from a wise man

wise words


2.  This badass map showing the progression of legalization in America

map laws


1.  And, finally, our girl Trixie acting out the classic Arnold Schwarzenegger smoking pose, compliments of High Times

trixie pose 



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