9 Reasons You Need To Be Stoned For Summercamp

Image Credit:  Queensland

Image Credit: Queensland

Summercamp is one of the biggest events in the Midwest every Memorial Day weekend! This event is now the host of more than 20,000 attendees and 100 bands on seven stages over three days (four if you make it to the Thursday Pre-Party!). Not only does it have an amazing line up but the mantra of the festival itself is “Make a Difference” so why not buy a three day pass, hear some awesome bands and give back to the community of lovely Illinois… all while being stoned.

1.  Experience the music…. Mannn.

Traditionally people go to music festivals for the (ahem) music. Summercamp is no different. With bands headlining like Moe., Umphreys and the Big Grizmatik there’s no way you DON’T want to be high. So just light one up and enjoy the good tunes.

summercamp 1

2. The lightshows.

What better way to enjoy yourself while high AF then taking in a killer show of amazing lights! Find a good spot in the crowd, hopefully you’ve already eaten your edibles or if you don’t have any, spark that blunt and get ready to have your mind blown.

summercamp 2

3.  Summercamp is not just any festival.

Other than their awesome ways to to give back to the community and be a more sustainable festival, they have an event called the Everyone Orchestra. Summercamp chooses 9 musicians from bands already in the line-up to perform. The performance is completely improvised and definitely a MUST SEE! Get a big group of friends, pack a bowl and get ready to dance your asses off at what could be the best orchestra of your life!

summercamp 3

4.  You can make a difference.

Summercamp has provided a space where people can come together, learn more and pay it forward. You must participate in the Make a Difference Treasure Hunt! (by doing this you can get a wristband to see the Everyone Orchestra). Smoke some weed and make a whole day of it with your friends, plus this hunt could only get better a little (or a lotta) stoned. There is a long list of items to do on this Treasure Hunt and some include: bring recycling/compost bags to sorting center, participate in a yoga workshop or show off your reusable water bottle at SOUL Corner. Get to hunting treasure!

summercamp 4

5.  The workshops.

Another one of the non-music related things you can do at Summercamp is attend a yoga, dance or hoop workshop! Get your friends together, take a toke before you leave your campsite and get ready to have the best time! All of the workshops take place in the Soulshine Tent- what better place to begin your day?!

summercamp 5