High Tech High

  The Herbalizer is one of those devices that comes along once every 5 years or so.  It starts a buzz and completely revolutionizes the market it enters.  I have not personally had the pleasure of testing the herbalizer but have heard nothing but good things so far.  The main

Money to Burn? Roll a joint.

There’s not much to say about these rolling papers except that they’re made out of 24KT FUCKING GOLD.  Shine 24kt papers have been making their way around news outlets recently with several notable celebrities like Snoop Dogg and the Wu Tang Clan being seen lighting up. 2Chainz recently showed us all

iPhone Dugout Reinvents the Wheel

  Sometimes a product comes along that isn’t new but takes and existing technology and adapts it in a way that changes how you view it.  Dugouts and bats have been around for as long as the weed industry itself.  However over the last decade they have become increasingly less