Weed Lube for Stoned Girls


Lube That Gets You High, And Its Name Is Foria In Breaking Naked Weed Report News: Sex just got better for us Stoned Girls.  Turns out, our vaginas have been neglected…by WEED!  We think most Stoned Girls Fans would agree that weed makes sex better.  Now you can get your

Dugout: Reinventing the Wheel


High Tech Weed Smoking: Dugout With A Splash, iPhone Style Sometimes a product comes along that isn’t new but takes and existing technology then adapts it in a way that changes how you view it.  Dugouts and bats have been around for as long as the weed industry itself.  However

Best Portable Vaporizer? Atmos Transporter Review

best portable vaporizer

Best Portable Vaporizer, Atmos Transporter? Its a Bit Different Full Review:  I know what you’re thinking; another Atmos vaporizer?  That’s the same thought I had when I saw this in my local store.  However, after a couple minutes looking at it I decided to give Atmos one more attempt to