Your Brain On Drugs (And Sex)


Recently, over a joint, my best man-friend, Carson, and I were discussing our second favorite topic: orgasms (Our first favorite topic is weed, in case you were wondering).  Carson is a real stand-up guy, which is why it shocked me when he said, “Yea, the first five minutes after I orgasm is pretty much the closest I’ll ever come to actually hating a woman.” Excuse me, but what the fuck did you just say? He knows me better than literally anyone on this planet, and even he could not prepare for the shitstorm of angry feminist ranting that came next.

Then I thought about some of the things that have come out of my mouth post-coitus:  “Can you clean this up?  Get a towel.  Why are you still laying here and not getting me a towel?  A washcloth towel not a paper towel, I’m not an animal!  Why didn’t you wet the towel, you know it’s scratchy when it’s dry?  You wet it with cold water?!  Why don’t you ever think about my feelings??” He laughed and said he was obviously kidding, and I know that he would never, ever be rude towards anyone, let alone a woman, but it got me thinking.What happens to our bodies immediately after sex?

How Can THC Enhance Sex?

I went on my favorite website, WebMD, and learned that there are four phases the body goes through during sex:  excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution.  Resolution, I like the way that sounds.  It as if all my bodily problems have been solved during a very important peace summit. Resolution defined is as the period of time it takes the body to return to a normal resting state after sex, anywhere from a few minutes to a half hour.  This is the time when muscles begin to relax, heart rate goes back to normal, and any sort of swelling subsides.

Queue post penetration bowl

The THC in weed affects your brain similarly to an orgasm, as they both call upon the “reward center” to release dopamine.  Basically, when you smoke after you poke, your brain is recreating a lot of the same feelings it had when you orgasmed.  This allows the resolution phase to be a more pleasurable experience, as the THC makes that physical transition back to reality much easier on the brain and body.  Not to mention alleviates the awkwardness and gives you something to talk about.

Carson will be the first person to tell you how much he loves smoking after sex, and I think I just found the science behind it.  It gives his brain and body just a little more time to enjoy itself before the pressures of life come rushing back.  Physiologically and psychologically, the after sex bowl is always a good idea.  In the words of Jesse Pinkman, “Science, bitch!”

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