The Cloud Monster Kit From Hookah Pen Central


For all of your novice smokers out there, or those of you who just like to smoke with ease (all of us), let us introduce you to the Cloud Monster Kit from Hookah Pen Central.

The Cloud Monster Kit is a great portable vape, and even comes with 2 mystery oils from Hookah Pen Central.   It is made from high quality materials, including a steel mouthpiece which aids in cleaning and refilling with liquids, which means you don’t have to worry about breaking it, like you do with other, more fragile pieces.  This is also nice, as we all know having a breakable portable device can be a recipe for disaster.

The Cloud Monster Kit is named that way for a reason, as it comes with a battery, two atomizers, a case, and a charger.  The best part about the Cloud Monster, however, is that it’s got an incredibly fast recharge time, so you can vape literally whenever you want to.

Remember when we said this is perfect for those of you who like to smoke with ease?  Well, we meant it.  The Cloud Monster pulls strong, which allows you to enjoy a dense vapor that’s of high quality for a mid priced pen. In fact, the Cloud Monster is noted as being a great starter pen for those looking to create massive clouds!  And, who doesn’t love to impress people with massive clouds!  In fact, according to Hookah Pen Central, “The Cloud Monster Kit is your gateway to some of the thickest, milky clouds you have ever made.”

The Cloud Monster is customizeable by color, and you can choose from pink, white, or black.  We strongly recommend picking yours up today from Hookah Pen Central.  The Cloud Monster Kit retails at only $47.99, which is incredibly reasonable considering the clouds you’ll be able to blow!

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