The Pez

by ireadculture | February 5, 2016

Available at Tacoma Holistic Collective in Tacoma.

Upon popping open the signature Squeezetops container from THC, the first thing that hit us was the smell. An alluring fragrance of an incredibly refreshing, sweet, pine wafted out of the container immediately upon squeezing. The next thing we noticed (aside from the generous portion, thanks THC!) was the almost neon orange hairs covering the flower so generously it almost looked furry. Underneath all of those beautiful hairs is sugar leaf with an incredibly healthy amount of crystals. The leaves are light green, and the flower is remarkably dense. We sampled this flower using a water pipe, and noticed right away that the flower was smooth to smoke, easy on the lungs. The sweet and tart flavor gave a new meaning to the name, The Pez. After consuming The Pez, we noticed pretty soon after that the body effect was pretty intense and pleasurable. The relaxation wasn’t just physical, it’s an overall relaxation perfect for anyone trying to just chill out. The Pez probably isn’t suitable for daytime use unless you’re stuck at home trying to heal.

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