The QuickDraw 300DLX From Retro Active Smoke Shop

QuickDraw 300DLX

The QuickDraw 300DLX is a triple threat vaporizer, compatible with e-liquid, wax and dry herb. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last couple of years, you probably know that vaping has become an essential when it comes to blowing-on-the-go.  The DLX, which retails for $110, has the same body as the QuickDraw 300. The highlighted difference between the two is the three separate, magnetically detachable cartridges. Each cartridge is easily removable and contains a refillable bowl for the specific type of cannabis you’re using.

When it comes to first impressions, its obvious that a lot of thought went into the product layout, packaging and initial presentation.   In the box you will find the QuickDraw 300DLX vaporizer, 1 dry herb cartridge, 1 liquid cartridge, 1 extract cartridge, an USB charging cable, wall adapter and a tool kit. Each cartridge serves its own purpose. This, I like. It is very easy to switch in between cannabis forms without having to reassemble the entire device. The contact pins read a magnetic imprint for each type of cannabis, so the battery knows exactly how much power each system needs.  Keep in mind that the cartridges are made from stainless steel, so they can get very hot.


As for functionality, all three chambers warmed up fairly quickly and produced vapor. Each cartridge is set with a specific auto-deactivation time. One thing you’ll notice immediately after opening the herb cartridge is how adaptable the chamber is.  The 300DLX also uses a magnetic charging system that connects via USB. The LED light ring at the bottom of the pen will flash red once its charged and ready for use. There is also a 3-click battery lock to prevent unintentional activation. Once it’s powered on, the indicator ring will signify by flashing white.

If you find yourself limiting your use to one specific form of marijuana, I would look into trying a vaporizer that caters to that specific type. But, if you are looking to easily change between the types of cannabis you vaporize, the QuickDraw 300DLX is a perfect fit for you. It is easy to assemble, low-maintenance and is quick to grab when you are travelling.

You can buy your very own QuickDraw 300DLX, and many other quality smoking devices, at our very favorite online smokeshop, Retro Active!

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