Trinity TOKN Review

Trinity TOKN Review vape pen

The Trinity Tokn is the newest vape pen on review

Vape Pen Review: Trinity Tokn

If you haven’t figured it out by now, vape pens are the future of smoking pot. They are easily portable, discreet and not as much of a hassle to assemble. While joints, bowls, and basic bongs are forever timeless, vaporizers and e-pens will take over the world, one headshop at a time.   Because they are much more technological than their classic counterparts, it’s really important to make sure that, when purchasing a vaporizer, you make the right choice.  After doing some research, and reading all the hype, I decided to try Trinity TOKN dry herb vaporizer.

I opened a smooth exterior box and found a wooden travel chest with Trinity TOKN embedded on the top. The vaporizer was neatly packaged inside, and came alongside some tools: grind mat, grinder card, dabber tool, dry herb container, charging cable, cleaning brush, filter, mouth pieces, replacement screens and a user manual. The TOKN is made of the highest quality of plastic and stainless steel. Looking at everything and how it was put together, this is definitely a product worth some coins, and it shows in the packaging. The chest is also small and portable which can come in handy when travelling.


The TOKN has 3 temperature settings that range from 320 degrees to 420 degrees. Red is the hottest temperature, yellow is the middle and blue is the lowest. By pressing down on the vaporizer button, you can switch to your desired temperature. Within a couple of minutes, the vaporizer was heated up and ready for action.  Also, it is recommended to start at the lowest temperature for more vapor. Overall, the TOKN’s pull was pretty smooth and clean. The device’s thick exterior blocked the emitting heat coming from the vaporizer’s oven. This is great coming from a device that can heat up to 420 degrees!

After 3 minutes of heating, the TOKN automatically shuts off.  You can simply clean it by using the brush tool that is included in the chest. When the battery is low, the power button blinks about 4 times before shutting off. You can charge it by using the USB cable that is also included in the chest. Once its fully charged, the power button will turn green. Overall, if you are looking for a simple well-functioning vaporizer, then the TOKN is the way to go.  It’s easy to assemble and even easier to put away. This is the perfect device to bring with you if you are always on the go.

You can buy your very own Trinity TOKN, or any of their other great products here!