10 90’s TV Icons You Wish You Could Smoke With

Image Credit:  YouTube

Image Credit: YouTube



1. The Brain (But not Pinky. We’re pretty sure he’s killed people.) – Imagine all of the intricate plans you could hatch while you two were stoned out of your mind.  Plus, the Brain could probably use science to make you feel better about how scary space is.  Narf.

Seems suspicious

Seems suspicious


2. Barney – While normally giant lizards are absolutely terrifying (Alligators, crocodiles, dinosaur ghost wreaking havoc over the Pacific Ocean…), this cuddly carnivore is super-dee-duper. Imagine watching him trying to use his tiny arms to hit the bong, and trying not to laugh.  Then, you could play on his playground while he makes you all the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches you could eat.

Case in point: Terrifying.


3. Danny Tanner – What we really mean is Bob Saget.

suck dick for coke


4. Doug – Let’s be honest, it would probably mellow him out a bit. We imagine it would be a really fun day of stoned banjo covers of Bob Marley hits.

Could you be love? Not you, Patti Mayonnaise.

Could you be love? Talking to you, Patti Mayonnaise.


5. Scrooge McDuck – Diving into his money would be waaaaay more fun if you were high. Also, he has a strict no pants rule that isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Arrested Development Rip Pants Off