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If you’ve never seen “Brokedown Palace” with Claire Danes and Kate Beckinsale, then you spent the end of the 90’s far differently than I did.  Essentially, Beckinsale’s character falls for a handsome Australian man while they are best friend vacationing in Thailand, who persuades Danes to go on a day trip to Hong Kong with him.  Unbeknownst to the young ladies, handsome Australian man is using them as drug mules.  They get seized at the airport by officials and sentenced to 33 years in a Thai prison.  This movie is also the main reason I am terrified to travel with my best friend.  Anyway, to alleviate some of my nightmarish fantasies about being someone’s reluctant girlfriend in a far-away jail, I have compiled a list of weed-friendly vacations spots to travel to this winter.  And no, I’m not going to start with Amsterdam.

I’m going to start with Canada.  Yup, Canada:  Land of Mounties, hockey, moose, and apparently weed.  As an avid hockey fan, I’ve always wanted to take a tour of Canada, but I am willing to admit that when most people think of cool, hip places to go smoke weed, British Columbia doesn’t really come to mind.  Those people would be wrong, though.  Nicknamed “Vansterdam,” Vancouver is the perfect spot for both the advanced grower as well as the curious and experimental tourist.

Surrounded by lush evergreen forests on one side and protective mountains on the other, Vancouver’s landscape is quite charming, especially while under the influence.  Both locals and tourists take advantage of their surroundings by biking, walking, hiking, fishing, and even enjoying the beaches for a few months in the summertime.  Speaking of, climate-wise, we are talking a very warm 53 degrees on average (trust me, this is sweltering for Canada).

Just like at home, as a tourist an array of different types of bud are available for consumption.  Do yourself a favor, skip over the schwag, and go straight for the “BC Bud.”   Vancouver is known for its strains of extra potent weed, affectionately named “BC Bud.”  It is so popular, that the U.S. DEA considers the export of “BC Bud” across the border into America a huge problem, and has launched several initiatives to halt it.  That??s ok, DEA.  We will enjoy it up in Canada, where you can’t get your hands on it.

So now you’ve scored the best bud and explored your surroundings, what comes next?  Food, obviously.  In an age where food trucks are more popular than Pauly Shore was in the 90’s, Vancouver just so happens to boast the world’s best food truck tour.  Vancouver Foodie Tours will take you on a two hour trip during which you get to sample hot dogs, Indian naan bread, wild salmon, chicken wraps, and even cookies from five different food trucks from around the city.  So revered is Vancouver Foodie Tours, that in 2013 they were inducted into the Canadian Signature Experiences Collection.

While marijuana is still technically illegal in Canada, in Vansterdam as long as you are a peaceful pothead, the police are ok with you.  Whether you fly high or cruise up in a car, our neighbor to the north is a great place to start if you’re looking for a 420-friendly vacation destination that won’t lead to a life in prison.

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