Review: The BoroPen By Grav Labs

Image Credit: Billowby vape pen

Vape Pen Review: The BoroPen By Grav Labs. Image Credit: Billowby

Vape Pen Review: The BoroPen

Recently our friends over at the amazing online headshop,, sent us some really cool smoking devices they sell (you can even see some of them in our brand new galleries!)  First, we love Billowby, as all of their stuff looks super sleek and high tech, but incredibly reasonably priced for the quality that someone who is serious and passionate about smoking is looking for.

The first item we got from Billowby was The BoroPen, a glass and chrome vaporizer pen made by Grav Labs.  Now, we aren’t going to lie when we say we were a little intimidated when we opened The BoroPen.  There were several parts that looked as fragile as they were complex.  However, once we separated everything out, The BoroPen was pretty easy to put together.

Once we got this guy together, we noticed something pretty cool right off the bat – it’s all Borosilicate glass.  That’s right, The BoroPen is the first all glass vaporizer pen.  The downside is that it is only for wax and concentrates.  The upside to that is if your out and about with your BoroPen, that’s the best stuff to be smoking.  The BoroPen is really for those of us who are serious about our marijuana consumption.

Grav Labs

Grav Labs is amazing, and the one thing that sets them so far apart from other companies is the quality of their work.  Their products are so reasonably priced for how much attention and care they give to construction them.  For example, the glass that The BoroPen is made of is lab-grade quality.

The best thing about The BoroPen, however, is how portable and discreet it is.  Smoking weed has never been easier than it is today (what a time to be alive!), and it’s because of people like Grav Labs.  You could carry The BoroPen in your pocket, purse, or hand all night, and the only comments you would get would be compliments on how nice it is.

So we’ve discussed how great The BoroPen looks, and how well it’s made, but how does it hit?  Well, it hits beautifully.  The BoroPen is smooth and full, without being overwhelming.  You can rest assured that you will be as sleek, discreet, and classy as The BoroPen looks when you hit it.

We think The BoroPen is great, and we are giving Grav Labs all of the kudos.  But, if you’re wondering what other people have to say about it, here’s a few highlights from their online customer reviews:

BoroPen = Best Vape Pen Ever!  I’ve had it or two weeks now and I absolutely love it! So much better than any vaporizer pen I’ve ever owned … durable, looks great, and hits like a champ.” – John M.

“So unique and the perfect size. Vapor starts right away in a milky cloud. The top fits better than eggy domes. I like the glass concept and know it’s delicate. Iphones crack too. Keep mine in a leather cigar holder. The heating elements are wide and deep. Awesome so far!” – Kushendo IG

There you have it, guys.  The BoroPen is amazing!  The BoroPen retails for $99.99 on Billowby, and comes in black, blue, and white.