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Mr. Waxpen

Vape Pen Reiview:

Mr. Waxpen is everything I could have expected and more. For around $100 I ordered Mr. Waxpen and promptly and discreetly received this wonderful pen for waxes and oils. Mr. Waxpen was original and caught my eye with this awesome hand blown little glass figure at the top.

It arrived in a pressed paper box that contain the red MR logo on it. Mr. Waxpen comes with an accessory case that is convenient for carrying any accessories you may have. Also, a silicone mat was provided to be used with your waxes and oils, which was incredibly thoughtful and convenient.  I also received two sets of dabbing tools as well as a container for my wax. My dabbing tools have removable tips that were made of silicone to use with glass or plastic.

Although I find Mr. Waxpen to be a bottom heavy pen, but balances beautifully in your hand. The weight seems to be all in the battery. It feels great to hold, though, and very natural.

As far as the actual battery is concerned, the charge will last for several sessions. The voltage goes from 3 volts all the way to 5 volts thanks to a variable voltage 1300mah battery. All forms of waxes and oils perform remarkably in Mr. Waxpen.

Overall Mr. Waxpen was easy to use and performed completely to my expectations. As the manufacturer suggested, I keep Mr. Waxpen’s belly full and it is always ready to go. The bowl on this pen is giant so it holds a lot. Pull this pen out during your session and you are sure to be noticed.

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