Thermovape Cera Vape Pen Review

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Thermovape Cera Vape Pen: Good, Bag, & the Ugly

Full Review:
The Thermovape Cera is a giant ceramic dildo that you operate by holding the button in on the bottom of the device.  Furthermore, using it makes you look like a porn star pulling double duty on a decently endowed man.  Now, if you’re done snickering let’s get into the actual function of the device.  The packaging itself is just a clear, plastic container with a bunch of o-rings, silicone condoms (really), and battery charger.  Like the magic flight, the Cera uses a removable battery that charges in its own cradle.

The bowl is located at the top of the device and is not intuitive at all.  The whole top of the device unscrews.  Yet, the actual chamber for dry herbs is accessed by pulling off the entire top.  Once the unit heats up this becomes a near impossible task.  This becomes the major downfall of the device.  Vapor production is minimal and the tiny bowl means that you’re going to be constantly grabbing a hot ceramic mouthpiece in an attempt to continue your session.  Luckily, if you’re with a bunch of people you can take turns scalding yourself on a big white didlo.

In the end if you are looking for a portable vaporizer that doubles as an adult toy then the Thermovape Cera is perfect for you.  If not then maybe save your $300 and just put your hand on the stove.

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