Best Vape Pen Review: Vapir NO2

Next Stop On The Best Vape Search: Vapir NO2

Full Review:  When I first purchased the Vapir NO2 I have to admit I was skeptical.  I knew immediately that I couldn’t really use it as a portable vape but at the same time for $100 the risk wasn’t very high so I took the plunge and boy am I glad I did.  While it most definitely is not a portable vaporizer, it performs great as a desktop vape.
This vaporizer is the perfect example of the old adage “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”  The box, packaging, and contents are lackluster in design and construction.  Cheap plastic and cardboard abound for this vape but you can’t let that fool you.  In the box is a wall charger, plastic mouthpiece, rubber tube mouthpiece, cleaning brush, and some extra foil chambers.  The foil chambers are the part that makes the device fragile.  Inside the bowl of the vaporizer these foil pieces sit at the bottom and are prone to ripping and deforming.  I didn’t use the Vapir long enough to need to replace one but it feels like a daunting task.
The bowl itself is located under the mouthpiece and while it is small, the funnel like design means that loading dry herbs is much easier than devices like the Atmos with similar bow sizes.  Simplicity is the name of the game for the Vapir NO2.  Three buttons are on the front of the device and are pretty self explanatory:  raise temp, lower temp, and power on.  Heating up is quick and the digital readout leaves little room for error.  We set ours at 375° and started vaping.
Throughout the entire session I was both surprised and please by the Vapirs performance.  There was a slight burnt plastic smell but it didn’t really detract from the experience.  I had to pack the bowl a couple times since there were several users but the mouthpiece never got so hot that it became a major inconvenience.

Overall for the low price of $100 you can’t do much better for a home vaporizer.  While Vapir may want to market this as “portable” it is way too large and cumbersome to travel with daily.  I don’t believe that just because its cordless its portable.  If you are on a budget but want to trade in that glass pipe for a good vaporizer then give the Vapir a chance.

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