Vatra Will Protect Your Piece

vatra 2

If you smoke weed, you probably have certain pieces that you prefer.  Whether it be your vape pen, dab rig or bowl, everyone has their favorites, and we’re betting a lot of you love your glass.  With this being said, when you want to leave your house to get high, bringing glass is usually not the best option. Well, gone are the days of wrapping your pieces in towels, bubble wrap, or just praying they don’t break. Let us introduce you to our friends over at Vatra! They produce a wide range of traveling cases perfect for your glass pieces or your vapes!

We all know how much money we invest in our pieces, entrusting them to a case is a serious matter. Vatra takes every detail into consideration when designing these cases and after doing our research and testing their product we can say that we trust Vatra with our precious glass smoking devices.  

Based out of Los Angeles, California, Vatra has been stylishly protecting fragile valuables since 1997. They strive to continuously create edgy, durable and stealthy cases and bags that they can be excited about. According to their website, they create bags and cases that cater to the needs of unique customers who want superior protection for their valuables at a reasonable price without sacrificing style.

Vatra was super wonderful and sent us four different cases to try out, and here are our thoughts:

First up, is the Lock in Load. This one of the more seriously, sturdy cases we’ve ever seen in the cannabis industry. At first glance this case makes our glass pieces look so official. The tactical black on black hard exterior is fabulous and sleek. This case has metal locks, aluminum edging throughout, a water resistant exterior and protective feet on all corners. Upon opening you see the egg crate foam on the top of the box with a thin layer of foam covering where you piece will go. Not only is this box wonderfully padded but this case is customizable using die-cut foam! The bottom layer of foam is cut into tiny squares allowing you to take out the appropriate number of foam pieces to fit your glass perfectly. This case can also get even more secure with a lock and key, purchased separately.

Vatra Lock N Load

Next up, is the Capsule Series ZT3, which kind of looks like a turtle shell. It can come in 8 distinct sizes to choose from and 5 unique mold options, all with smell proof technology. The Capsule is a lightweight, basic hard shell case, designed with simplicity in mind. This case has webbed handles allowing for a more comfortable carry and upon opening the case, both sides are covered with the egg crate foam. There is also an interior elastic strap, to keep your piece extra secure. If its good enough to protect a turtle, it’s good enough to protect a bowl.

Vatra Capsule

The Double Decker Case is their newest patented design with smell proof technology. The DDK has a hard shell exterior that keeps it from being crushed while also adding style with the modern colors and shape. The interior is separated by multiple zipper compartments, allowing you to have room to store all of your smoking accessories. The middle level of the compartments acts as a barrier and makes the case 100% smell proof. In the top layer, sit the neoprene pouches perfect for hiding your stash. The pouches and the top layer of velcro is machine washable.

Vatra DDK

Vatra also offers odor free options by Skunk. They’ve teamed up together to bring us the Skunk Urban SK. The fusion of Vatra’s awesome carrying cases and Skunk’s technology was a match made in stoner heaven. This small portable case is perfect for the smoker on the go. It is made of water resistant material, has a belt clip and adjustable straps so you can secure it to anything, say a bike for example. The case has two smell-proof zippers and the interior is lined with soft high potency activated carbon, thus making it odor-free. This case is perfect for someone who enjoys outdoor adventures and smoking on the go.

Vatra Skunk

Vatra is definitely the way to go if you’re looking to purchase a case for any of your favorite smoking devices. Stoned Girl tested, Stoned Girl approved.