Denver Based Production Company ‘Rises Higher Than The Rest’

Ahhh, we see what you did there. 
Remember all of those times we told you about the really cool jobs available in the burgeoning marijuana marketplace?  And, remember that time we showed you the first ever marijuana commercial?  Well, as it turns out, one of those really cool jobs in cannabis culture is video production, and our partners over at Wake ‘N Blake are doing it right.

We asked the guys at Wake ‘N Blake to tell us a little bit about themselves, and here is what they had to say:  “Wake ‘N Blake is a company based out of Denver that offers high quality cinematic video production for the marijuana industry, and it provides an integrated network in order to help boost your company to the top of the industry using video search engine optimization.  We offer Hollywood style production exclusively for marijuana brands, products, and services.”

But, they don’t stop there.  No, Wake ‘N Blake is not your average video production company.  “Wake ‘N Blake is a lifestyle brand, in addition to simply a video production service.”  They go on to say, “We are building a community of people who are ambitions, love marijuana, and want to be seen and heard for who we really are.”

Very cool, guys.  But, are they just in it because getting high and flying those drone cameras is really fun?  Nope.  Blake told us, “Our goal is to break down the negative connotation associated with the marijuana industry, and provide people with an inside look into the industry and the individuals who wake up and run their marijuana companies every day.  We provide a look beyond the way the media presents marijuana brands and provide a raw and realistic look at our community.”

Stoned Girls can definitely get down with that, and we think you can too.  If you have any cannabis video production needs, Blake himself would be glad to help you out.  In the meantime, here’s a few of Wake ‘N Blake’s coolest videos for your ocular enjoyment.