Weed Bazookas And Other Ways To Smuggle Marijuana

Photo: ActionGirls.com

Photo: ActionGirls.com

Weed Bazooka

Now we’ve seen it all! Drug smugglers are probably some of the most ingenious and creative people. If smugglers dedicated some of their time to subjects other than smuggling we probably wouldn’t still be having to use gas to fuel our cars. Earlier this week, reported by ABC News, Mexican authorities discovered a bazooka used to launch bundles of marijuana and other contraband from Sonora, Mexico into Arizona.

We’ve seen homemade potato launchers and everyone has seen t-shirt cannons at sporting events but a weed bazooka never really crossed our minds. Now we don’t suggest that you go out into your garage and start trying to build your own, these guys were caught and you probably will be too. Just don’t do it.

While researching this post we came across some other pretty crazy ways that people have tried to smuggle things across the border. From trebuchets, ramps for people to try and drive over the fence and even go kart’s with trailers attached. These people really do spend a good amount of time coming up with sneaky ways to do what they have to do. Again, we don’t condone these kind of activities. It’s more important to use effective ways like lobbying for your state to legalize or lessen the punishments for people who are caught with small amounts of marijuana.

We need to come together as a community and continue to educate each other on marijuana and its wonderful medicinal effects. When we use our intelligence as our most powerful weapon we can show the world that “stoners” can do a lot more than just hang out and eat junk food. We can, and we will, make a difference for our future generations when we can learn to come together and support each other.

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