Different Ways To Apply Cannabis Oil And It’s Uses

cannabis oil applicatins

Cannabis Oil Uses

Cannabis oil has a variety of different uses.  The used for oil range from purely recreational and psychoactive uses to a myriad of medicinal benefits.  Cannabis oil tends to have a higher THC content than reglar flower because it is a concentrate.  Because it is “stronger”, recreational users looking to get a more powerful high will often turn to oil to achieve this.

In addition, the recreational uses of cannabis oil can be used to treat several different types of diseases.  This includes, but is not limited to:  Cancer, glaucoma,  anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, various inflammatory disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases.

Different Ways To Apply Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil can be consumed a few different ways.  The most common ways to consume cannabis oil are vaping and dabbing.  Vaping is a healthy way to consume cannabis oil, as there are very little negative effects on the body.  With dabbing, there is a little different and more advanced in preparation.  Dabbing  is advised for people who are very familiar with cannabis oil and it’s effects.  Cooking with cannabis oil is also very common, and can be easily substituted for regular oil or butter in many dishes.  Furthermore, cannabis oil can be consumed via a suppository or applied topically which is less common.  One great example of a topical application of cannabis oil is Foria, a cannabis oil lubricant for women.

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