Ever since Uncle Andy taught me how amazing Denmark is on “Weeds,” I’ve been dying to go there, in particular Christiana. Christiana is a hippie heaven in the middle of Copenhagen that has pretty much made its own rules, including making the public sale of marijuana a non-legal issue. Of course after I learned this I started to research, and a flight from the United States to Denmark is relatively cheap compared to other European destinations. Although it is fairly long, (roughly 9 hours from the east coast) it will give you plenty of time to catch up on all the new stuff on, and maybe even a nap. And you’re not the only one heading out. Christiana sees over a half a million visitors annually. Probably because the weed is solid, the scenery is gorgeous, and the culture is rich.

In The Beginning

So if you’re looking for a 1960’s throwback destination, look no further.   Christiana has roughly 850 weed loving hippie residents. Meditation and yoga are encouraged, and it is important to note that while Christiana welcomes people who are suffering from drug addiction, drugs other than marijuana are not allowed. This is known as the “junk blockade.” This is so both residents and tourists alike can remain living in a peaceful atmosphere.

Christiana got its start by housing the Danish military. Once they moved out, Copenhagen residents began to utilize the space and barracks. Jacob Ludvigsen, journalist and co-founder of the city, wrote, “Christiania is the land of the settlers. It is the so far biggest opportunity to build up a society from scratch…Buildings for the stoners who are too paranoid and weak to participate in the race…Yes for those who feel the beating of the pioneer heart there can be no doubt as to the purpose of Christiania.” It is literally a safe haven for stoners.               


Marijuana is technically illegal in Denmark, and therefore Copenhagen, however the laws are not regularly enforced. Several visitors report walking past police officers while they were smoking a blunt, and the officers looked the other way. Like many cannabis friendly tourist destinations, as long as you don’t make a scene, no one will bother you. Christiana actually takes this a step further, as the police pretty much refuse to do anything about public weed smoking for fear it will incite riots or protests. It is for this reason that I will now start setting daily reminders for my boss to buy me a plane ticket over there.

So Where Do I Get Weed?

Sunny day, sweepin’ the clouds away! On my way to where the air is sweet! Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Pusher Street??

That’s right, there is a street in Christiana called Pusher Street, and that’s where both residents and tourist alike flock to get their smoke on. Once again, hard drugs like cocaine, meth, and heroine have been evicted from this area, so there is no need to get nervous about the name of the street. This area is also humorously known as “The Green Light District,” referencing the infamous “Red Light District,” where prostitution is rampant, illegal, but overlooked. As a tourist, I strongly recommend checking this area out, however leave your camera at home. No photos are allowed on Pusher Street.

Don’t be surprised if you see families walking and biking down the street. It is one of the most famous areas of Copenhagen and a lot of different type of people are drawn to it. You can buy pre-rolled joints and colorful candies. Most importantly, though, you can just sit down, relax, and people watch. It is vacation, after all. Take some time to relax your body and mind.

I’m High, Now What?


Image Caption: “Don’t scream Ariel at her. People will not be amused.”

Ok, so now you’ve gotten to Copenhagen, learned a little bit about their hippy hotbed history, and found your weed. What’s next? Grab a bike and check out some local architecture. It’s always good to get high and appreciate art. Also, biking is the main mode of transportation in Copenhagen.  That means you’ll get the opportunity to work off all those high in fat edibles.  I recommend checking out the Kronborg Castle for sure, as they have this sculpture of a creepy baby hanging from some drapes that I feel one can only truly appreciate while stoned out of their mind.

You can also live out your childhood dream by going to visit The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen. The art piece was inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen tale. There are other awesome statues, but none of them will make the child in you quite as happy as this one.

Dig out your passport and take a moment to laugh at your photo. Then go get your laptop and Travelocity this shit for your next vacay. As long as you love weed, there’s nothing not to love. My boss still hasn’t booked me a flight there, which I find ridiculous and offensive, in case you were wondering.

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