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Cannabis News: Proposed Weed Bars

Denver, in almost all respects, is a beacon of light for cannabis culture and industry.  Most people in the business, or otherwise, look toward Denver for many answers, none more so than for legality issues.  Now, they are moving toward a more social legal reefer referendum.

The Marijuana Policy Project is collecting signatures to allow “limited social marijuana use.”  What this means is, the members of the MPP want to be able to smoke weed much like how the rest of the country drinks beer.

Mason Tvert, the communications director for the MPP, said, “I enjoy drinking beer but I don’t feel like I should always have to do it sitting in my home.” Therefore, the MPP is proposing a ballot initiative that would allow commercial establishments that currently sell alcohol on site to also allow marijuana consumption.

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Furthermore, it would allow for cannabis-only establishments to exist.  A place where people could go to smoke weed but there is no alcohol present.  Tvert makes an excellent point, saying “People who are visiting from out of town are able to purchase marijuana but are not able to consume it legally.”  This initiative would allow for tourists to have a safe and legal place to enjoy their cannabis.

It seems that in Colorado, the current laws were interpreted differently by different officials.  In cities such as Pueblo, local officials understood the law to allow for “cannabis clubs,” while the majority of the state does not allow marijuana consumption publicly.

The Marijuana Policy Project needs to collect 4,726 signatures of registered voters in Denver by early August to qualify.  While proponents like Tvert are optimistic, the initiative does have its skeptics.  The Denver Post wrote in June, “We bet Denver residents will see this measure as going too far.”

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