Dreams Do Come True: A Poem By A Fan

We at Stoned Girls are so blessed to have such amazing, sexy fans!

I mean, check out what one of our fans did for us — she wrote a poem about how cool it’d be to win our Free Weed for a Year contest, and sent us a video of her reading it! What an awesome babe.. After watching this video, I don’t think anyone could deny Stoned Girls R Hot!!!!!! We love you, girlfriend!

Dreams Do Come True

As I close my eyes to sleep,
I do not see
Sugared plums or shiny things.
Useless trinkets, mere trifles to me.
Alas! My mind’s eye only dreams
Of sticky trees so brightly green.
But when I wake,
My heart does break,
For I lack the things to get me baked.
I pace and ponder,
Try to think of ways,
To fill my future with a smoky haze.
But my eyes snap open,
Bright and sadly unglazed.
I exclaim, “How can this be?!”
I used to fly so high and free,
So suddenly that changed for me.
I assure myself this cannot last,
This dry spell bent on kicking my ass.
But how to fill my pockets with grass?
Fate then spoke to me,
“Nina, you soon shall see,
The website aptly named for thee.”
Hurriedly I click refresh,
Share, like, post!
All in hopes to pass the test,
So that I could one day say,
“Dude, I was picked to SMOKE WEED EVERY DAY!”

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