10 Experiences Only People Who Smoke Weed Will Understand

Image Credit: Tumblr

Image Credit: Tumblr

We’ve all been there – that moment you think to yourself, “I should really write this down!” You realize, in that moment, that you understand how the world actually works.  Then, an hour later, you are elbow deep in a can of Pringles.  It’s hard to describe these feelings to people that don’t smoke weed, so we decided to take that liberty for you.


1.  You’ve just taken a few bong hits with some of your favorite people, and that moment comes when you are looking around the room and things just start to make sense.

Wanna Get StonedLet’s talk about the world and how we are a small part of it.


2.  You are high as fuck and suddenly realize that you have been walking around in the dark for hours.

Brian runningYou can’t quite put your finger on it, but you are extremely happy with this decision to be one with nature.


3.  You have been hearing about the benefits of yoga for a while now, and in this moment, you feel the world stop because you have mastered the power of meditation…on your first try!

meditation-beautiful-harmony-inner-peace-FavimYou go Glenn CoCo!


4.  That moment you are listening to music and you can really hear the lyrics for the first time, and it makes you wonder…



5.  At the end of the day, there’s nobody you’d rather see than your dog.

dogThis is the moment you really take a good look at him and he is really looking back at you, and for a brief moment, he can see in to your soul.

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