The Germans Are No Stranger To Stoned Sex


Weed & Sex

To literally no one’s surprise, pagans like to smoke pot. For those of you that were too stoned to pay much attention during history class, allow me to first quickly educate you.  According to BBC, “Most Pagans share an ecological vision that comes from the Pagan belief in the organic vitality and spirituality of the natural world”. In normal people words, pagans like nature. Enough to worship the shit out of it.


Germanic paganism refers to the theology and religious practices of the Germanic peoples from the Iron Age.  This reigned until their Christianization during the Medieval period. It has been described as being “a system of interlocking and closely interrelated religious worldviews and practices rather than as one indivisible religion”. Also, as such consisted of “individual worshippers, family traditions and regional cults within a broadly consistent framework.

Sacrifices were known as blót, seasonal celebrations where gifts were offered to appropriate gods. Also, attempts were made to predict the coming season. Similar events were sometimes arranged in times of crisis, for much the same reasons.[5][6]

The goddess Frijja seems to have split into the two different, clearly related goddesses Frigg and Freyja. In Nordic mythology there are certain vestiges of an early stage where they were one and the same, such as husbands Óðr, their shamanistic skills and Freyja’s infidelity


While prevalent throughout the world, the Germans had a particularly interesting set of gods; most notably Freya, goddess of love, sexuality, beauty, and fertility. Now you may be saying to yourself “Gee, that’s great, but I’m pretty sure every pagan culture had a god like that.”

What makes her so special?

Well, for one, she lives in weed. That’s right, like a genie in a bottle she makes her home in the female flowers of the cannabis plant. These crazy Europeans were associating marijuana induced euphoria with the raw sexuality only a sex goddess can produce. During some very erotic fertility ceremonies, participants would ingest the leaves of the plant. They did this in order to stimulate sexual arousal and heighten sexual experience. Apparently these stoned sex parties were pretty wild, because pagan-haters began calling them “orgies with the devil”.  Young women would steal away to weed fields, and get super high.  Then they would dance around naked in front of the young, unmarried men.

Statues of ganja goddess Freya would be placed next to couples beds, and even some times on the altar in order to stimulate fertility and love making.

Pagan lifestyle is something we can all learn from. They were a chilled out group of sexy stoners who loved nature. Essentially, they were history’s hippies.

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