10 Holiday Gifts Perfect For Any Pothead

Christmas Gifts

1.  The Roll-Uh-Bowl

Holiday Gifts 1

From concerts to camping, you can fold this bad boy up and take it anywhere!  It’s perfect for those who like to hit it on the go!


2.  Monkey O’s

Holiday Gifts 2

Monkey O’s is more than just a playful name.  By blowing into it, you can create the best smoke bubbles this side of the pond!  It’s perfect for your pal who likes to embrace their inner child!


3.  Kasher

Holiday Gifts 3

Kasher is great if you’re looking for a stocking stuffer that will set you above the rest.  It’s probably the most convenient smoking tool we’ve ever seen!


4.   Easy Butter Maker

Holiday Gifts 4

For your friend who either loves edibles OR loves to bake (or both!), the Easy Butter Maker is the perfect holiday gift.  Just imagine all of the Christmas canna-cookies or anything weed infused you’ll get next year!


5.  A Cannabox Subcription

Holiday Gifts 5

This gift is essentially the jelly of the month club, but way fucking awesome and for stoners!

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