The 7 Best Life Lessons Marijuana Will Teach You

Image Credit:  Elite Daily

Image Credit: Elite Daily

We get high for different reasons.  Sometimes it’s to relieve pain.  Sometimes it’s to make new friends.  Sometimes it’s just because the Red Hot Chili Peppers are even better with weed.  Whatever the case may be, most of us probably aren’t aware of the awesome things weed is teaching us subconsciously.  I know I wasn’t, until I sat down and thought about all of the great life lessons weed has bestowed upon me, and how they’ve made me a much better person as a result.

1.      How to share (again) and why it’s so important

Image Credit:  Giphy

Image Credit: Giphy

We all (hopefully) learn what sharing is at a young age.  Whether it be a swing at the playground or your brand new toys on Christmas morning, we are all taught that sharing is an important part of being a decent human being.  However, as adults, it’s easy to revert back to our selfish ways when our parents aren’t constantly side-eyeing our public behavior.

In marijuana culture, however, sharing reigns supreme, and although it’s probably not your parents there keeping you in check, your peers will, and you will thank them for it.  There is no other community that will reward you for being a sharing and generous person like cannabis culture will.   Furthermore, you never know who you’re passing that joint to, or who will be there to help you out when you’re dry.

2.       Economics

Image Credit:  Quick Meme

Image Credit: Quick Meme

One of the most common complaints I hear from the emerging generation of millennials is how unprepared they feel about the “real world.”  While most start college knowing the Pythagorean Theorem, they don’t know the first thing about filing their taxes.

While it may seem silly, marijuana can be a person’s first real introduction into business and economics.  Your dealer is dry?  An eighth just went up by $30?  Well, congrats.  Now you know supply and demand.

3.       How to appreciate the little things

Image Credit:  Imgur

Image Credit: Imgur

We live in a time where there is more media to consume than ever before.   We are constantly surrounded by pop-up ads, tabloids, tweets, posts, and updates.  This is by no means a negative thing, but I don’t think I’m alone here when I say that this constant bombardment of pop culture sends my brain into overdrive.

Marijuana is the one thing that is able to put my brain back to a normal level of functionality.  While going down a rabbit hole of adorable cat videos is a possibility while I’m stoned, I’m also way more likely to take a walk, check out a sunset, and enjoy the company of something that doesn’t have a screen attached.

4.       How to let stress go

Image Credit:  Giphy

Image Credit: Giphy

Much like constant media barrages, stress is a given for most people these days.  Because we live in an instantaneous society, the demand for results and responses has never been higher, but because a Terminator-esque machine revolution hasn’t happened yet and we are still mere humans, there is an increasing amount of pressure to be productive at an unprecedented level.

Marijuana is scientifically proven to relieve stress, anxiety, and even the muscle pain that goes along with this mental anguish.  Not to mention, being high will allow a lot of people to look at stress inducing problems from a different perspective.

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