Weed Lube for Stoned Girls


Lube That Gets You High, And Its Name Is Foria

In Breaking Naked Weed Report News: Sex just got better for us Stoned Girls.  Turns out, our vaginas have been neglected…by WEED!  We think most Stoned Girls Fans would agree that weed makes sex better.  Now you can get your pussy stoned with weed lube.

This past June is when Mathew Gerson, 40, launched Foria, which he claims is the first THC-infused lubricant for women.  We would like to take a brief moment of silence while we all absorb this amazing mental image of a Stoned Girl using it…

Ok, we’re back.  Furthermore, Gerson, who has in the past peddled vegan condoms, says he made the first batch of Foria, taken from the word euphoria, right in his kitchen in Southern California. His first round of test subjects? They included his sister and his mother. Ok,  stop the mental images now!

In an undisclosed location, Foria combines coconut oil and CO2-extracted THC oil into a concoction that women are encouraged to spritz onto their nether regions for a “highly” sensual experience. He says his “tests” show that it takes about 15 minutes for the effects to kick in. The lubricant is said to induce a sense of physical euphoria. He has tested it mostly on more than 100 women and consulted a few other doctors.

Doctors say:

He suggests the substance works the way most marijuana products work — by targeting anandamide receptors  in the brain and increasing relaxation while tuning out what he called “the constant hum of nervous stress in our bodies”.  “There’s 26 FDA-approved drugs on the market for sexual dysfunction, but zero for women,” Gerson claims. “We’re not providing care for a large percentage of our population.”  Therefore, it took Gerson six months to perfect Foria, working with the firm Clear Concentrates, an extraction company that makes the CO2-extracted THC oil that Gerson puts in Foria and we can’t wait to try it!

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