5 Inventive Smoking Devices You Have To See To Believe


Image Credit: Stoner Schematics, a truly well thought out weed device!

Stoners are inventive.  They are creative, imaginative, and overall resourceful.  Run out of rolling papers and tell me how long it takes for someone in your circle to create a ridiculously ingenious weed-smoking apparatus.  That being said, here are the five most inventive things stoners have used as smoking devices.  Be jealous, MacGuyver!


A juice box – Now you don’t have to be embarrassed when buying them at a grocery store.. we all drink them.  They’re little shots of heaven.


This guy is a professional.


A motorcycle helmet
– Ok, so you aren’t actually smoking weed out of it, instead you inhale smoke while you’re wearing it so it counts.  Also, bonus points for being a sexy motorcyclist!  We’re pretty sure a minute wearing this bad boy will lead to an entire day of fun and wonder!


A beer bottle – This little guy is called The Knockout, and if you haven’t gotten your hands on him yet, you need to!



A piece of pizza….?
– Ok….



This, finally, whatever the fuck this thing is.



Got some really great ideas for creative smoking devices?  Let me know at rebecca@stonedgirls.com! See you there!

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