Oregon And Minnesota Legalizing Weed On Wednesday


Wednesday is a really big day for marijuana.  Well, to be fair, it’s been a pretty big year for weed in general.  Like, we’re pretty sure in the Chinese calendar this is the year of the cannabis.  We would even go so far as to say that Mary Jane is the breakout artist of the year.  In 2015 thus far, bills have been drafted and passed in both the Senate and House regarding the legalization of weed, Colorado is seeing a 50% increase in recreational sales, and you can legally smoke weed in our nation’s capital.

But, all that aside, Wednesday is a really big day for marijuana.

Legalization Of Cannabis Begins In Minnesota

Anyone who has ever been to a dispensary before knows the waiting room ID checking process before you get into the promised land of bud.  However, Minnesota’s promised land is going to be a far different landscape than that of the West.  There won’t be actual smokeable flowers (herb is still lillegal), but vials of THC oil available to medical patients.

According to Bob Cappechi of the Marijuana Policy Project, “This will start helping people out.  That’s really what this is all about.”

Minnesota has actually been fighting for years to legalize medical marijuana.  Afterward, last year’s legislative victory came as a slight surprise to both lobbyists and lawmakers alike.  Although Minnesota medical marijuana patients will, as of July 1st, have access to their medication, they are being met with the skeptical gaze of the state government, who is imposing one of the strictest MMJ programs in the nation.

There are 9 conditions that allow Minnesota residents to obtain medical marijuana, including cancer, epilepsy, HIV, and glaucoma.  However, getting a prescription for the plant is proving difficult.

It isn’t all gloomy skies in Minnesota, however.  Dr. Andrew Bachman, co-founder of Minnesota’s LeafLine Labs, said, “Ideology does not change overnight.  It’s important to start somewhere.”

Minnesota, we wish you the best of luck in the medical marijuana market, and we will be sure to keep abreast of any changes regarding the state’s policies and legalization news.

Oregon Officially Legalizing Marijuana

On the recreational front, as of Wednesday July 1st, Oregon will officially legalize weed.  Here is what you need to know about the change in legislation.

First, you cannot sell recreational marijuana.  Much like Washington DC, it is legal to have weed, but you better grow it yourself.  Or find someone who’s just giving it away.

Measure 91 was passed last November.  Then afterwards the citizens of Oregon left the tedious rule-writing process to the Legislature and the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.  Not surprisingly, these two groups have not made much headway in the lengthy process, leaving Oregonians unable to actually purchase the weed they are legally allowed to have.

We suspect that much like the DC seed giveaway, Oregon will figure out a way to make sure that it’s residents will be able to enjoy some bud without having to worry about breaking the law.  And, although not much progress has been made by the state liquor control agency as far as rule-making is concerned, they will be taking farming applications as early as January 1st.  Legal retail sales are expected to commence by harvest time of 2016.

Although the legal grey area in Oregon seems a bit frustrating, it is important to remember that as only the 4th state to legalize recreational weed.  Oregon is, in many ways, helping to set a precedence for the rest of the country.

Just as with any fledgling industry, legal marijuana has a long way to go before it is perfected.  With that being said, we here at Stoned Girls are celebrating July 1st as a big win for cannabis culture and industry.

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