4 Stoned Sex Positions You Need To Try


Image Credit: Michiana Vape

Smoking weed before sex is fucking amazing.

Smoking weed after sex is equally amazing.  But what about smoking weed during sex?  Sounds pretty great, right?  Minus the obvious fire hazard, of course.  My recommendation is making sure you have an appropriate ash tray close to where you’re getting dirty.  For those of you out there who have impressive stamina, losing your buzz during can be a problem.  Don’t worry, though.  You’re favorite Stoned Girl blogger has put together a list of the best sex positions to try so as to be able to actually smoke while you fuck.  You’re welcome.

The Sultry Saddle


Basically anything with the woman on top lends itself nicely to being able to keep your hands free for smoking.  The Sultry Saddle is fairly familiar with a little twist (literally).  The woman rides the man in a sort of scissor position.  His legs are slightly bent, while her legs split between inside of his, and the outside of one.  This position is a good one to start with because it will feel pretty natural, and both of you can dictate pace.  Best of all, passing a joint between the two of you is easy as pie.


Face To Face


Ever sit on someone’s lap on a swing and do “the spider” when you were a kid?  Well, this is the adult version.  If you’re not luck enough to have a sex swing, a bed works just fine.  His legs are slightly bent and create a sort of “cradle” for her.  Her legs wrap around his waist.  Because you are literally face to face, smoking is easy, but shotguns are more fun.  Not to mention the level of intimacy that creates.  Also, this position does not allow for jack rabbit porn style fucking, so if you are that kind of relaxed, sensual high, this position is perfect.

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