5 Reasons You Should Have Sex With A Stoned Girl

Image Credit: MJ Wellness

Image Credit: MJ Wellness

Everyone has different sexual preferences, and we’re lucky enough to live in an age where, unless you are a garbage human, you respect everyone’s individual between-the-sheets choices.  For example, some of us like it nice and slow with a lot of eye contact and kissing.  Some of us like to dress up like adorable furry animals and rub on each other.  Some of us like getting tied to a bed and slapped in the face by a foreign stranger while their roommates listen in equal parts horror and intrigue.  To each his own.  No judgement here.

With that being said, regardless of who or how you like to have sex, we strongly recommend at least considering having sex with a Stoned Girl.  Here’s why.

There is always food

We all know there’s almost nothing better than a post-sex snack (other than a post sex smoke sesh, of course).  Thankfully, Stoned Girls keep their pantries full of all kinds of food, so you can satisfy your stomach after your satisfy your more carnal needs.  Not to mention, a lot of Stoned Girls also like to cook, so you may just get a full-blown post-coital meal if they get high enough.  Either way, if you’re anything like us, you’ve worked up quite an appetite.  No one can satiate that quite like a girl who loves weed.

They are more open minded

Stoned Girls are wayyyy more likely to experiment in the bedroom, and are infinitely more open to suggestion.  Not to mention, for a lot of people, smoking weed gets the creative juices flowing.  Role playing is, therefore, a lot more fun when you’re high. Also, your partner is more likely to take a more convincing role with a little herbal help.  Also, marijuana helps relax your muscles and your mind, so anyone who smokes weed is way more to trying new things, you know, like anal.

More sex

Almost everyone admits that smoking weed makes them amorous.  Once again, marijuana relaxes you, and they even have cannabis infused lubrication like Foria that will really get your Stoned Girl going.  If you recreationally sleep with a Stoned Girl, you can expect to have a lot of sex, especially if you are their go-to sex partner.  What’s not to love about this?

They are laid back

We all know there’s nothing worse than having a nighttime partner that turns into every Overly Attached Girlfriend meme after a week.  Stoned Girls are laid back people and we are very rational.  We’re not going to get all worked up if you say you’re going to come over and then don’t.  Odds are we got to high, forgot, and had an intense rap battle with our weird neighbor instead.

They don’t want to meet your friends

If this is just a casual, no-strings relationship, Stoned Girls are never going to want to meet your friends.  Being around a lot of judgmental people who don’t smoke weed is not a good time for someone trying to chill out and enjoy their green.  And guess what?  This goes both ways!  She’s never going to ask you to meet her friends either because bringing your suit-and-tie ass into the circle would be a huge faux pas.

So, in conclusion, don’t ever stop having sex the way you want to.  Just consider giving us Stoned Girls a try next time your on Tinder.  We don’t think you’ll regret it.


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