50 Pounds Of Weed Shipped To Wrong Address

Image Credit: Local Coast Outpost

Image Credit: Local Coast Outpost, 50 Pounds of Weed Mis-shipped

Cannabis News: Weed in the Mail!

New Jersey is a little bit drier this week thanks to a little marijuana shipping error.  A resident of Hazlet, New Jersey called the police last week when they received multiple packages delivered to their door addressed to a different name.  Officers responded to the call, and when they opened the packages, they found 50 pounds worth of bud inside.  According to NBC News, the grass is worth about $100,000.

The local police posted a picture of the bust on Facebook, and encouraged the rightful owner to come in and claim it.  This is not the first time the local police have, well, taunted citizens who like to indulge in marijuana.  Earlier this year, local Florida police published a man’s text messages on their Facebook page after he accidentally messaged them trying to buy some weed.

Not surprisingly, no one has come forward to claim the weed, probably because under New Jersey law, possessing that amount of cannabis could get you more than 20 years in prison.

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