Stoned Shunga LoveBath Review


Definitely try this after a nice weed session

Growing up, I watched Legends of the Hidden Temple A LOT.  Thanks to the temple runs, I always wanted to know what it would be like to bathe in quicksand. As an adult, I slowly realized that running into quicksand was not as common of an occurrence as I thought it would be, and I began to get depressed thinking that I would never know what being engulfed by quicksand would feel like.  My trip to The Red Door, however, changed all of that.  For those of you who have not read my riveting series “The Best Toys To Use While High,” The Red Door is an amazing adult store here in Charlotte where we get all of our playthings for Stoned Girls.

While I was there on a “work assignment,” I found myself in the oils and lotions section.  It was there that I stumbled across something called LoveBath by Shunga.  Essentially, when you pour Shunga’s LoveBath powder into your warm bath water, the powder turns into tiny little gel beads, which allows you to take a “jelly bath.”  My head swelled with the possibilities. I finally get to find out what quicksand is like?  AND I get to be high when I do it?  Sign me up.

Tell Me More!

I fully realize that the Shunga LoveBath is not a sex toy, but I did buy it at a sex toy shop and it is quite sensual, so I’m inclined to make an exception.  You want to fill your bathtub about halfway full with warm water.  The gel retains heat better than just plain water, so it is important to make sure the water is at a bearable temperature, or you will ruin your bath.

Also, I recommend getting high as fuck.  Literally, so high.  Once the tub is halfway full and the water is at a comfortable temperature, you can go ahead and stir in your gel solution.  Evenly distribute it throughout the water and then stir it with your hand slowly.  It takes ten to fifteen minutes for the gel to completely absorb the water, but you will notice a difference almost immediately.  Keep stirring.  If you are finding your gel to be too thick, you can always add more water.  Once it is at a consistency you are comfortable with, get the fuck in and enjoy.

How The Fuck Do I Get Rid Of It?

Excellent question, I’m glad you asked.  This was also a major concern of mine, as a clogged drain is something I do not have the time to deal with.  Shunga was nice enough to include a dissolution powder in the box.   When you’ve finally had enough of your miraculous jelly bath, gently say goodbye to it.  Then, take the dissolution powder and sprinkle it evenly over the bath, much like you did with the gel powder.  Stir with your hand once more, and add more water to thin the mixture out.  You will see your bath quickly go back to a liquid form, where it is safe to drain without clogging.

How It Felt

I paid roughly $22 for my Shunga LoveBath, which seems expensive for a bath, but not expensive at all if you look at it as a night of relaxation and a fulfillment of a childhood dream.  When I read the packaging of the Shunga LoveBath, I didn’t expect it to feel the way that it did.  I guess I expected more of a Jell-O consistency.  Although it was different, I was not disappointed at all.  Getting stoned and submersing my body in thousands and thousands of gel beads was an amazing feeling.  Personally, moving my legs around in the substance not only felt cool as shit, but it also looked really neat too.  It kind of resembled how the ground looked in Tremors.

The only downside to the LoveBath is that the gel beads stick to your body pretty good, which makes cleanup a little hard.  I got them all over my bathroom floor when I got out to dissolve the substance.  Other than that, the Shunga LoveBath was an amazing experience, and I will most certainly be trying it again.

I will probably never know how quicksand feels, and that’s ok.  Thanks to the Shunga LoveBath, I think I got pretty close, and it’s comforting to know I can order it on Amazon and recreate this experience whenever I want.


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