Ingenious Highdeas: The Silent Microwave


The microwave is a machine that stoners hold dear to their hearts.

The Mircowave

With it, they can heat up leftovers, frozen dinners and food that should be cooked in an oven (but fuck waiting for that), and ultimately satisfy their most intense cravings.

Now, using a microwave can be a noisy experience. Sure, you can turn off that annoying beeping, but you still have to open and close the door, and no matter how quiet you try to be, it still sounds like you are yanking that motherfucker open and slamming it shut.

Most of the time, such noise is no matter. However, there comes a time in every stoner’s life when the desire to munch is overwhelming, consuming her mind, body & soul.  Even though there is a microwave in sight, the stoner can’t use it, out of fear that someone will hear her – which is something the stoner is trying to avoid. Perhaps she lives with her parents and is too baked for the “are you high” conversation, or maybe she is low on groceries and wants to heat up her roommate’s food without being caught. Whatever the reason, instead of enjoying a delicious warm meal, the stoner is forced to eat the stale crackers that have been sitting in her bedroom for over a month.


….If only there were a Silent Microwave.

weedThink of the possibilities! Stoners everywhere would be able to put together the most epic plate(s) of food – pizza rolls, mashed potatoes, leftover wings, whatever their little hearts desired! They’d be able to eat at all hours of the night without worrying about waking someone up. They could even steal their roommate’s food without them ever finding out. The next day, when the roommate asks the stoner about the missing pasta dish, she’d just shrug her shoulders and walk away, remembering the evidence (the empty bowl) still lying on her nightstand. Once the roommate left for class, the stoner would clean the bowl and laugh, thinking, “Oh silent microwave, how I love you so!”

So, now that you agree that the highdea of a silent microwave is BRILLIANT.. can I get a Hellz Yeah or what?!


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