This Is The Only Bowl You Need This Holiday Season

Smoke Nut Review

Snowman Bowl for your Holiday Weed!

A festive bowl for your holiday Weed!

Feeling a little down this holiday season? Need a little something to brighten your spirits while you’re blazin’ up? Well we have just the thing for you. Today we have for you a Snowman Family Smoking Set graciously sent to us from the people at

If these don’t scream the holidays I don’t know what does. Each piece of the set is beautifully hand-blown and is slightly different than the next. The pipe has a dust on the inside to make it look more snow-like, and the bongs have a little pot leaf imprinted onto the side. Exclusive to their online smoke shop, Smoke-Nut has produced a great gift for any stoner this year. Therefore, buy a set for yourself or for a friend. Someone really knows how to make some great glasswork over at Smoke-Nut because these things look and feel great, and all the details are smooth. It really does seem like something that was made with a lot of care and effort.

What does it look like?

Built like a little Jack Frost, these guys have their little eyebrows precariously raised to you has you take another rip from their glass bodies. I love the look of these things, and it really makes me laugh every time I see them. They kind of look like they’re out of one of those Christmas movies from the 90’s, and I’m all for that. When I want something with novelty, this is what I go for. With that being said, this smoking set still works great for its intended purpose, and you should have no problem using them. All of the pieces are made using strong, heat-resistant Pyrex, so they comfortable and burn hot without burning you. The bong comes equipped with a rubber grommet bowl and a carb hole.

In an effort to make these things unique and exclusive, Smoke-Nut is only releasing this set for only the winter season.  Therefore, make sure you get them while you can. The whole set runs for around $92, and for a handcrafted set, is completely reasonable.  If you want, each piece can be bought individually, or in a bong/pipe pairing. As a bonus, Smoke-Nut allows every piece of the set to be customized with lettering or simple imagery.  Which mean you can personalize it for you or friends.

Where can you get them?

Remember, these beauties are exclusively available for the winter season over at the smoke shop. If the Snowmen aren’t your thing, has a wide selection of bongs, pipes, and other cannabis products to suit your needs. Head on over and find yourself and your friends a gift for the holiday season.



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