Shit Stoned Girls Say


Weed is Awesome Cameron!

Weed Fueled Phrases: Shit Stoned Girls Say

    • “I can do anything on Pinterest!”

“Let’s go to Michaels, I know I can make this.”

“I need all of the feathers they have in stock.”

“Why did we come here?”

“I want all of the pie.”

“I bet there’s a recipe for pie on Pinterest.”

“All we bought were 12 packs of cherry Jello and some Snyder’s buffalo pretzels.”

“Look on Pinterest to see what we can make out of Jello and pretzels.”

“Why don’t we have a reality show?  We are soooooo funny.”

“I literally can’t be around people right now.”

“And men think we can’t smoke!”


Weed stand by the sea shore tho?

“How many calories are in a crunchwrap?”

 “Everybody’s getting knitted things for Christmas.  I found this great pattern on Pinterest.”

“Should we go get yarn?”

“Pack another bowl, I am not high enough for this mess.”

“I think Kim Kardashian is a Terminator.”

“Why isn’t there a Real Housewives in my city?”

“Why DON’T we have a reality show?”

“Do you think my boobs are uneven?”


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