3 Simple Tricks To Having The Best Stoned Sex Possible



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For a lot of men and women alike, smoking weed intensifies the sensations involved in intercourse.  Most people report an increase in sensitivity that builds to a better orgasm overall.  However, there are a few men and women out there who love to spend some quality time with Mary Jane before penetration that have trouble getting to the finish line, and that’s a fucking shame.  Sometimes, all it takes is a little extra effort or thinking outside of the box, but when frustration is at an all-time high, sometimes that can be difficult.  It is important to take a minute to take a breath and relax if you’re having trouble in the sack.  Take another hit and try these simple tips, and you’ll be Mayor of Orgasm-ville in no time.

For The Men

Guys, women are always impressed by a ridiculously long stamina, however I am sure you’re aware that chafing happens after a while.  Although I have never had a flesh and blood dick attached to my body, I am sure that this is a stressful situation for you.  You can tell by the look on her face that she’s almost at the point of needing rest and an ice pack, but you’re nowhere near the end because you smoked a little too much weed.  Ladies, get ready to please.

  1. Ladies, get on your knees

    – and get aggressive about it.  Push him down on the bed and go at his dick like it’s a Popsicle on a hot summer day.  Make eye contact seductively and make sure it’s plenty moist.  Oftentimes moisture can be the problem, especially if you’re nearing the point of no return, so having that moisture during oral can bring your man right back to where he needs to be.

  2. Talk dirty to him

    – We all know that sometimes when we smoke A TON of weed, we get lost in our own heads; sexy time is no different.  He may be having trouble getting to the finish line because he’s too busy thinking about the score of the Knicks game, how many socks are in the city of Memphis, and why lamb’s wool is so scratchy.  This is your time to verbally shine and tell him how sexy you think he is, as well as how good he feel inside of you.  That should be enough to bring him back to the reality of how great your vagina is.

  3. Don’t forget the other parts

    – His dick is great, we all know that.  Why else would you be having sex with him in the first place?  But just because you only need his dick to get off doesn’t mean he doesn’t need any other stimulation.  Remember that a man’s balls are super sensitive and love a good fondling.  Oftentimes the different sensation coupled with being high as balls will send him over the edge.  AND if you’re feeling extra adventurous, try and hit up his g-spot.  Men have them too, you know.  They’re just in their butts.

For The Women

I know first-hand that giving a woman a toe curling orgasm is hard enough as it is.  It takes a lot of time, patience, and often a sore jaw.  You’re giving it everything you’ve got but she accidentally smoked too much and now Mary Jane is standing in the way of you and the adoring flush of a job well done.  Here’s a few tricks that will get you back in her vaginal good graces.

  1. Pay attention to the clitoris

    – This is the easiest and most obvious answer to the “I can’t cum” issue for women.  You’re both stoned; it’s time to get focused on a good project.  Use your mouth or your fingers and play around down there in different patterns and speeds.  It may take some time to figure out exactly what is going to work for her, but don’t give up.  Once you find the perfect rhythm, even if she’s smoked all the weed in North America, she will be cumming in no time

  2. Don’t get crazy

    – If she’s too high to have an orgasm, now is not the time to try out fancy gymnastic positions that are foreign even to people in the sex industry.  Go with what you know gets the job done.  There’s nothing wrong with classic moves; that’s why they’re classic.

  3. Ask her to please herself

    – If all else fails, let her show you what she needs.  This does not mean that you cannot or will not do it, and it should not and will not affect your ego.  The truth is, she knows her body the best, and if you both are having trouble getting her off, let her explore herself for a bit while you watch.  I promise you, she will have no trouble doing this.  We women love to get stoned and touch ourselves.

Hopefully you’re amongst the 98% of people whose intercourse is intensified by smoking weed.  If for some unfortunate reason Mary Jane can’t get you off, or you’ve simply gotten too high to get there together, I sincerely hope that this article will be of help to you.  After all, nothing is more important to me than the stoned sexual lives of people everywhere.

Got something that works for you when you’re high? Let me know at rebecca@stonedgirls.com

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