6 Poses Perfect For Stoned Yoga


Weed & Yoga

There are a lot of people out there who smoke weed to relax, center themselves, and feel better about their day.  There are a lot of people out there who do yoga for the exact same reasons.  Therefore it is no surprise that “baked yoga” exists.  Whether it be at a studio in a gym, at home in your living room, or in our case in the middle of the reception area in the office, doing yoga stoned only intensifies the experience.  There are a lot of classes that take place out in California especially that encourage the use of marijuana before starting yoga, either at home or actually in the class.  We at Stoned Girls feel that the act of smoking during the stretching and balance of yoga would take it one step further.  Here are the best yoga poses to do while still being able to get high at the same time.

1.  Warrior II





Our stoner variation on the Warrior II pose is pretty simple.  You can do the Warrior II pose in either direction, so whichever hand you are facing will be the joint hand.  You will take five deep breaths while you are holding this pose, so use at least one of them to bring your hand to your mouth and take a hit.  Relax, enjoy it, and slowly exhale.  Then go back to your normal Warrior II pose.

2.  Open Triangle





The Open Triangle is a very easy transition pose from the Warrior II.  Once again, the hand that you are gazing at is the hand that you will smoke from.  As you take your breaths, slowly lower your hand down and take a hit off your joint.  Hold it in and slowly exhale, moving your hand back up to its original position.

3.  Dancer





Dancer practically looks like it was made to smoke a joint while posing.  This pose is more difficult, and takes a significant amount of balance.  This pose will allow you to smoke as much as you want, because holding your hand out in front of you in that bended position allows you to remain balanced.  Make sure that once you are done, you switch sides and stretch your other hip flexor.

4.  Side Plank





Just looking at the side plank makes me want to get high.  This pose takes a lot of strength and concentration, as well as balance.  Once you are able to properly maintain this pose without falling, you will place your joint in the hand facing up.  Slowly move your hand down to your mouth and deeply inhale, relax, and exhale.  Then slowly move your hand back up to its original position, all while keeping balance.

5.  Butterfly





This is my personal favorite yoga pose.  One reason is because it lends itself to bong smoking.  Simply put the bong between your feet and hit it that way.  I’m willing to bet a lot of stoned girls already smoke a bong this way anyway.

6.  Savasana


This is your cool down yoga pose.  You can stay in this pose literally as long as you want, but I would recommend at least ten to fifteen minutes.  You’re basically just “starfishing” on the ground, and I’m pretty sure I accidentally hit this pose almost every day after work.  You lay on the ground with your arms and legs out at your sides.  Make sure you are stretching out your back as much as possible as well.  Lay there and get real good and stoned if you haven’t already.  You’ve earned it.

These are just a few of the beginner yoga poses that would work well while smoking.  Obviously we here at Stoned Girls want you to be safe and well versed with the strength and balance of these yoga poses so as to not hurt yourself when you alter them a little.  Most importantly, though, they are about relaxing and having fun.  And getting stoned as fuck, of course.

Is there a pose you particularly like to do while you’re smoking or already high?  E-mail me at rebecca@stonedgirls.com and I will feature it in my next installment of Stoned Yoga.



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