Do You Know How Does A Vaporizer Work?


Weed and Technolgy: How does a vaporizer work?

How does a vaporizer work with Weed?

It is important to explain exactly how vaporizers work, as they can be very confusing if you’ve never been exposed to one before.  The process is fairly simple, although sometimes the actual vaporizers can look a little overwhelming.  Here is our crash course on how vaporizer works.

A vaporizer will heat up weed without actually causing it to combust.  Instead, it heats up the oils in the weed (which is where the THC and CBD live), and creates a vapor of these oils that can be inhaled.  It has the same effect as smoking the weed, but is much less harmful to your lungs.

There are two different types of vaporizers:  conduction and convection.  A conduction vaporizer is where your herb is heated by coming into contact with something that is already hot.  A convection vaporizer blows hot air over your herb, making it hot.

Different vaporizers are used different ways.  If you get super fancy with it, you can even adjust settings like time and temperature.  Just be sure you read any information that comes with your vape, and you should be fine.  Also, you can check out all of our vape reviews here, and figure out which one is going to be best for you!

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